Wednesday, November 25, 2009

under the weather

poor gracie has a bug. of course our fancy forehead thermometer would not give an accurate reading, but a momma knows. we spent all day at the mec center today getting her checked out (it's a bacterial infection they said) & had to miss ben's first preschool program. he was an indian named soaring eagle today. oh, the guilt i have over that. & he was the last one left in his class when we arrived today. i felt like such a bad mommy.

she doesn't look sick now (thanks to her motrin), but she still has a fever. hopefully this will pass quickly. & hopefully no body else gets sick & we can carry on with some of our thanksgiving fun. but, if not, that's ok. we'll still be together & have lots & lots to be thankful for.
happy thanksgiving everyone!!


Deb said...

Poor Miss Gracie! She looks so sweet in that picture! Hope she is feeling all better tomorrow and you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Angie said...

I hope Gracie is feeling better soon.
How was your thanksgiving? I hope I get to see some pictures soon.
Lots of love your way.

sara said...

congratulations on your pregnancy! i've tried to leave comments on your blog with no success. i hope you are feeling well & hanging in there. terrible 2's are something else, aren't they??
love sara