Monday, November 23, 2009


we had a typical sunday around here. we are looking for a new church to call home. we've finally decided to make that move from where i grew up to a new place to grow. we tried out one of the larger churches in town. a new friend of mine i met last weekend invited us to worship with her. the sermon really spoke to us both & the kiddos loved their sunday school classes. but, this church is huge! much bigger than we are used to.. i am excited to check out some other nearby places.

after that, we went to papaw's for lunch & playing & playing & work.

gracie made a beeline for her favorite thing at papaw's. big suprise.

ben, of course, wanted to ride on it right away too. but he was patient & waited his turn. it looks like it was well worth it.

gracie can't seem to get that trike to move.

her feet almost reach the pedals.

she's got a great big brother to help her out though.

papaw has the perfect yard for hide & seek.

there he is!

the kiddos always have a blast at papaw's playing outside. i loved it growing up & so do they.

just a swinging.

time for rest.

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