Wednesday, August 26, 2009

watch out old north, here comes hurricane ben!

yesterday was my baby's first day of preschool. yes, i know it was time for baby bird to leave the nest at 3 1/2. this was the longest he had ever been a part from me since miss gracie was born & well, we all now how that turned out! (it was a bit traumatic for him & me both to be apart from each other, but we survived)

he woke up roaring & ready to go yesterday! the bad thing was, school didn't start till 11:45 (we are not typically morning people). so, i tried my very best to keep everyone entertained till it was time. momma had to pop a xanax to calm herself down. we were all a bit too anxious!
miss gracie smiling for big bubby's first day of school, she wanted to go too!

we got to school & ben ran straight up to the door & started tapping on it with another boy (it was locked). i asked him to come wait by him momma & sis, which i think embarrased him a bit.

when they did open the doors, we went right into his room, he said, "hi mrs.p" and was ready to play. i had to ask him to give me & gracie hugs bye & told him we'd be back. he said ok.

he didn't say too much about the day. you could tell it really wore him out. we were going to play on the playground with an older boy we had met earlier last week, but ben wanted to go home.

he said at preschool they did sing songs,played outside, there's another ben in his class, and that he had fun. i think he really likes his teacher, so that's great! he said he wants to tell his cousin darby ALL about it though. then i'll hear the juicy details. i do know a little one (not mine) got in trouble for not sharing & my little one was the onw that told. oh my!

he wants to go back today; actually he said last night he'd rather go 6 days of the week instead of being home with me. boo hoo!


HootieMama said...

Cherish these times. Soak in everything they share and say. Write it down. It goes by WAY too fast. He's going to have so much fun learning new things and making new friends.

Paula said...

It it great that he likes school. It will be much easier on you knowing he is having fun.