Sunday, August 9, 2009

hush little baby,

this is a picture from when my gracie was a baby & i didn't leave her sleeping there for long. but i love this picture of them laying together. the kids have their own beds, but have never slept in them alone through the night. we all end up sleeping together. i must say i enjoy the closeness. gracie in one arm, ben in the middle and holding daddio's hand. it's peaceful until i hear my husband start to drift to sleep & his motor start snoring. then i pick gracie up & we move to ben's bed.

well, anyways, this past week we had a fun-filled day at the zoo where the kids walked the entire time & were totalled exhausted. they were both cuddled between us watching "king of the hill" (not the best show for kids, i know, but we were tired). ben was holding gracie & it was sooo sweet. all of a sudden, he noticed she was asleep. he was soo proud of himself as a big brother getting her to sleep. he even woke up daddio to tell him the great news. daddio, in his semi-conscience state was of course thrilled & told him ben to try & get him to sleep. so that was ben's next goal. ben told me once he did that we could talk, just like grown ups do.

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