Thursday, August 13, 2009

a fun day at the children's museum

we went to cmoe today with some friends. it was a great thing to do, as i wasn't motivated to get out of my pajamas.

the first area we entered was the ball area. ben did not want to leave. he was in heaven. balls everywhere. balls that float,
, balls to throw, balls to load, balls to dump, balls to launch,
you name it.

there's a section in the museum intitled big. there's a great big nose the kiddos can crawl through. here's miss grace inside that old nose.
the kids enjoyed pulling out a poor lady's intestines.

everyone's favorite part, was of course, downstairs, in the basement where all the balls go to. where the water is.... gracie ended up like a drowned rat; due to her need to fill up a basket with holes in it & carry it over to the large waterhole in the center over & over again. but, she had a good time. & we had a change of clothes, so no problem..
miss melissa makin some fog bubbles

after her water play, miss g decided to move on to bridge building. do i see a civil engineer in the future??

hope everyone is having a funtastic day!

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