Saturday, August 29, 2009

to my old work family: good luck

my posts are typically about my family; just cute little pictures & a few words about the kiddos for friends & family to see how they are growing. my mostly happy little world here for all to see.

yesterday, there was some news in our area that has just made me sick. i know it's this way everywhere, but now it has hit very close to home.

when i got out of college, i went to work in the quality engineering department at an appliance manufacturer. i don't think i could have dreamt of a better team to work with. i had some great mentors & made some friends that i will hold for a lifetime, all while learning important tools of being an engineer. 4 years ago, once mr. ben was on his way, daddio & i made the decision i would be a stay at home momma. i look back on my times at work with a smile on my face, remembering lots of good times & accomplishments.

the company announced yesterday that they will be closing the manufacturing facility here in 2010; sending over 1,000 jobs to mexico. i pray for the all the workers & their families dealing with this loss. the media reports that the 300 development/engineering jobs are still in limbo. i hope the company makes the right decision (in my opinion, knowing some of these folks)& doesn't outsource them.


Angie said...

I'm Sorry about those bad news.
I hope everything is gonna turn out good for your work family.
Keep me posted

Paula said...

Wow, that is bad. I had not heard. That is a big loss for Evansville.

jenjen said...

That is so sad. What a bad decision for them to make!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi! It's nice to meet you!