Wednesday, April 8, 2009

sleeping arrangements & peek a boo!

whatta day!
damaw had her gallbladder removed & we are caring for her. tonight, my momma & the 3dogs are staying all night due to her gall bladder removal surgery today. everything went fine, she's just a little loopy from her meds. ben was super excited about the big slumber party & who was going to sleep where. right now, my mom & all the dogs are in our bed snoring very loudly. in ben's bed lies justin (snoring even louder), gracie, ben and a teeny tiny spot for me. i think i will take gracie with me to the couch at the other end of our home. i am so thankful her surgery went well & hopefully she will soon be kicking up her heels again.

now papaw, he met with an ent specialist today. they are setting up a date to have the cancer removed at the university of louisville. that will be great to have that ever growing mass out of there! i hate cancer.
kristen & sam, i am so sorry about your aunt. my heart goes out to your family. i love you guys.

& now from my living room.... what could be hiding behind the curtain?????

2 kiddos that definately need their teeth brushed

major frizz control needed here!

i was a bit stressed out about how today was going to be, but everything has went rather well. my great aunt & uncle (my 2 people i couldn't live without) came down to watch the kids while i went to the surgery center. it was nice to have that quiet time of mom's surgery. the kids today showed me how at everything as a special treat. they were thrilled to learn the doggies & damaw were staying all night. it really helped me to view the dogs coming over as a fun event, rather than a dirty, stinky visit. i love having my mom here. she just makes me happy. we have the same sick sense of humor. it's been a good day. now, if i could find a way to quiet down the snoring!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I'm so glad Kim is doing OK and I hope you got some sleep last night! Love you!

Angie said...

Is your papaw still gonna have a lot of chemos?
I hope for you all that he is getting healthy soon. I really feel with you.
Big hug

damaw said...

Thanks for taking care of me,tell the kiddos i feel fine