Friday, April 10, 2009

easter eggs & lots of cooking goin on..

we decorated eggs this morning. 18 eggs were not enough for our 2 kiddos to color.
everyone hunkered down coloring their eggs.
gracie was thrilled every time an egg was removed from the color & a new egg was dropped in.
mr. ben hard at work on his eggs. he was very careful with the eggs this year.
a little hand grabbing at the finished products. most of the eggs are cracked from her little hands banging them together..
the baking is done for tomorrow's easter lunch at papaw's. we made ham, corn pudding, peas & dumplings, green bean cassarole, brocolli & cauliflower salad, slaw, a jello salad, cherry delight and a breakfast cassarole. i have not cooked so much in my life! thank goodness i didn't have to clean my house too.
the kiddos helped with a lot of the food. here they are making the green bean casserole (they mainly ate the fried onions off the top, so the cassorole is at bit lacking)
we hope everyone has a happy easter weekend!!


Deb said...

Happy Easter!!

Angie said...

Hoppy easter!!
I hope you will find a lot of colorful easter eggs!
The pictures are so sweet.
Talk to you soon

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! The coloring of eggs looks like it was a lot of fun. :)