Wednesday, April 22, 2009

it's a sunshine day

what a pretty day today was! we soaked up the sunshine today playing in our yard. gracie's favorite spot has to be the sand box. the kiddos worked long & hard together filling up the sand pails & dumping them out.
beano was really concentrating on filling up the pail.

ben was the first to call it a day because he was dirty. gracie loved every minute of it & would have stayed out there all evening.


Deb said...

How cute! We have the same sandbox, and the kids love it! Hope you guys are doing well. We miss you!

angie said...

Hi my friend,
Tyler is playing forever in his sandbox, every day.And I love the sandbox too because now i don't have do run after him all day. I hope gracie is gonna make me some yummy sandcookies.