Monday, April 20, 2009

a beautiful day

what a weekend! a beautiful wedding, one heck of an adventure for us.

we had a great plan to drive through the night while the kiddos slept. our first stop was at a gas station about 15 minutes from our home. there, we realize we have a tire with no tread & the steel belt is showing (should check tires more often, i know). so, we drive home & move 2 sleeping kids and lots of luggage from the van into our truck. an hour later we are on the road again. everything seemed to be going smooth & we hoped that would be our only hiccup along the way. not so. driving at night through the hills in kentucky & west virginia feels like a roller coaster ride. i drove for a bit through west virginia, but about had a nervous breakdown due to the curves & all the deer just grazing along the side of the road. the kids woke up about 2 am & were awake for our flat tire on the interstate in west virginia. thank goodness a emergency vehicle stopped to help, since we didn't have a flashlight & couldn't see anything. once we got back on track, a mile down the road there was an odd man standing on the side with a flashlight. i'm glad we didn't get a flat there! the rest of the trip there was pretty uneventful, until we realized we had messed up our destination on the navigation system and ended up on some waaay back road. when we finally arrived to our hotel friday afternoon, we bought 4 new tires, ordered some pizza, & relaxed!

the weekend was full of fun things; jumping on the beds,
pizza for breakfast,

swimming in the pool. check out that kiddie pool!

the wedding was just beautiful. it was a beautiful day, beautiful ceremony, beautiful couple. i am so glad we got to share in their special day.

there were huge rocks at the winery to climb & play on.

nathan & heidi
this is how we made it through the ceremony.
sitting in the back row with shades on&
bribing the kiddos with lollipops.
the mr. & mrs. walking down the aisle
they did it!
sam & kristen looking good!
hot mama of the groom
someday it will be her up there...
luke giving his best man speech. great job, bud!
their first dance as husband & wife.
time to take off the shoes & boogie down!!
check out his dance moves!kinda reminds me of napoleon dynamite..

we had a love connection at the wedding. ben made his first girlfriend, an older woman(4 years old), julia.
they hit it off right away. they played outside, danced & even kissed!!! too bad she lives so far away. gracie, on the other hand, was not so much a fan of the girlfriend. miss julia threw a rock at her & gracie threw some back. a little jealousy there!
me & my sweetie pie

after the long trip & no nap on wedding day, ben was ready to call it a night pretty early. the kids jumped right into bed at the hotel.

the drive home was much better. we only got a chip in the windshield. even with all the bumps along the way, it was a great road trip and we had a funtastic time.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you guys were there-it was such a beautiful day wasnt it?! Simply amazing. Beautiful weather, couple, family and friends. :)

missdreampainter said...

Wow what a trip, so glad you guys arrived back home safe and sound. As if traveling with kids isn't enough but to go through all that, you guys need a vacation just to recover from the drama of the traveling.