Thursday, October 23, 2008

his first word!

while we were getting ready to go to papaw's house, someone spelled his first word today!
after that, he wanted to spell another. he spelled cat "K-A-T". he's learning how to read & spell. i'm a very proud mama.

we had a great day visiting with papaw. the kids swung on swings,
helped haul wood in the wheelbarrow, ate pizza & apples from the apple tree,
played ball,
rode damaw's old tricycle &
picked the last peppers from the garden (hopefully daddio will make some more salsa- yumm!).

papaw was in great spirits today, the phillies won game 1 in the world series. cecee was cracking him up today with the peppers. he'd ask her for one & she'd say "NO!" & pull them close to her chest.

go phillies!!! win the world series!!

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