Sunday, October 26, 2008

what a weekend!

we were very busy this weekend (for us at least)!
saturday, we had another beautiful wedding to go to. namaw came down to watch the kiddos & zaky (poppy had to work). the wedding was very sweet. the groom gave a speech at the wedding that was a real tear jerker about his love for his wife, family and friends. i was very impressed with him, nudging my man to take notes for good things to say to me. the groom is from a close family of 10 kids! seeing all the brothers & sisers dancing, laughing and having fun made me want a large family. their lives just seem to be so fun of fun! sometimes i'm struggling with the 2 we have though, so we'll see.. maybe 3, maybe 4, or 5, the more the merrier -right? (this is coming from an only child)

cecee & ben had the best time playing with namaw. they went for a walk, played outside, played inside, did lots of fun things. thanks for watching them! cecee was trying to feed namaw her food this morning. she doesn't take no for an answer either! beano was terribly upset to learn that namaw had to leave. but, she brought out the toys r us christmas book & his eyes lit right up. every page he'd flip too, he'd say "oh wow, look at that, look at that! that's cool! that's super cool!" it reminded me of my childhood & being so excited when the jcpenny christmas magazine would arrive. i'd spend hours looking at every page, making my wishlist. good times!

today was a perfect fall day. we went to mayse farm market for some fall activities. we slid down slides made our way through some corn tunnels & ran around the corn maze. the mattress at the bottom was their favorite thing. just like jumping on the bed at home!

.we crawled through some tunnels
we walked through the corn maze, with beano leading the way (thank goodness it wasn't daddio - just teasing!)
i love how big brother takes his sissy's hand to help her in the maze. he's so sweet
what a happy couple!

after that maze, we were ready to ride the cool bus for some Taco John's quesdalias. driving to taco john's, we passed the zoo. so beano was begging to go. of course we said sure!

daddio had not been to the new amozonia section, so beano and cecee were very excited to show him. the kids had a great time showing him all the new fish, the jaguar and porcupine. cecee was yelling at the snake, saying doh!the snake looks so real, i do a double take every time i see it. amazonia is awesome, they really did a great job with it. beano was not frightened by the lions at the zoo, he had already met one at the pumpkin patch that looked just like him.they seemed very friendly. the animals were all very lively today, the lion and tiger were pacing, the monkeys were swinging on the vinesand the giraffes came up to say hi. aren't these the cutest little bats you've ever seen?
after running around the zoo for several hours cecee fell right to sleep in the van. but not beano; he was already planning the next activity. he said he would like to jump on the trampoline or some sort. (he constant says xyz or some sort). so he did that & had a jumpin good time. the static was really making his hair stand up! >when he was done with that, him & daddio went for a walk up the big hill. man, i wish i had his energy!

we had a nice dinner of frozen pizza tonight.

my baby girl is growing up. :( she has been climbing up into & out of the high chair, so today we decided to move it to the basement of no good toys. of course now, big brother wants to sit in a booster seat too. thank goodness for hand me downs & a yard sale find. she is now sitting in the booster seat. oh, where does the time go??
i am so thankful for my family & friends that bring joy into my life. thank you all. what would i do without you?



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