Tuesday, October 21, 2008

dave & kate's wedding

this past weekend, we traveled to peoria, illinois for our wonderful friends' wedding. everything about their wedding was so special; i need to write them a thank you for sharing their day with us. the love & respect they have for each other & their families is just awesome. i wish i would have gotten a picture of the beautiful couple, but was too busy trying to keep the kids somewhat settled during the wedding.

the kids were pretty good at the ceremony considering... no nap prior to it for beano - our hotel room had too many things for him to jump on & off of (& a swimming pool we played in for over an hour that morning). the ceremony was held outside at a golf course. it was a bit challenging for the kids to sit quietly, but with help we managed (thank goodness for snacks & friendly people sitting behind us).

during his toast, the father of the bride said "there's been ....." beano shouted "here i am!" we went outside for a while after that.

after the band started playing, our kiddos started to groove. they were dancing fools! i was crying i was laughing so hard at them. ceecee has a move we call the "wounded chicken" & beano was tearing up that dance floor with his break dancing & other fine moves. it was after 10 when we picked them up off the dance floor.

this was the longest road trip we have ever been on with the kiddos(a little over 5 hours). my, oh my, it was long. they watched lots of dvds & had way too many snacks.

by hour 4, both of them were done. but then daddy started rolled down the windows & we were all happy again - who knew that's all it took.
we turned off the dvd, turned on the radio and danced in our seats the rest of the way home!

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