Tuesday, October 28, 2008


zaky, as beano calls him, is our puppy dog. he is a silky terrier & was our first "baby". his real name is zacheus, from the sunday school song zacheus was a wee little man. zaky doesn't get along with many other dogs or people. when we attended pet classes at petsmart, it was so bad we didn't get to play with the other dogs during "recess". we were concerned when we were pregnant with beano, but zaky has been good as gold with the kids. & he puts up with a lot!

zaky & beano have become pretty good buddies. zaky has been doing his tricks (turning around, sitting, staying, giving a 5) for beano before many could understand what beano was even saying. beano (& cecee too)is very good about making sure zaky gets plenty of treats, especially at dinner time.

cecee is still learning how to be gentle with the dog. she loves to pet him & try to give him hugs & kisses. zaky sits there and takes it, but you can tell he wants to go hide. when we go outside, she thinks she MUST have the leash. don't you love her outfit? totally stylin!

poor zaky, i think he is depressed. he is missing his damaw, sophie & reggie. he likes to go up to my mom's house & get a break from the kiddos. he also likes the homemade dog food & all the attention. we'll probably be up soon for a visit!

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Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

So, you do have a dog? I was beginning to wonder if it was a hoax! :) I'm joking!!! Those are cute pics!