Wednesday, March 30, 2011

some more spring break fun

we didn't do too much at all on spring break... but, that's ok.  momma wasn't feeling the best & gracie either.  we still had fun playing with their bestest friends, alaina & annabelle, watching daddio play ball,  having a nice visit with namaw & poppy and of course, tie-dying some stuff.

poppy's girl
 ben was dying to show them some of his wii skills, so we came inside to watch some video game action. 

yelling for the blue team at daddio's game!
tie-dying in action on one of the beautiful days we had. 

the kiddos in their hand decorated shirts.  i think we'll get lots of fun out of these since we used washable markers!  ben's is cars.
 gracie's is a silly monkey, kinda like her. :)

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