Sunday, March 6, 2011

strep, kidney stones, bronchitis - oh my!

well, we have been sick around here & it seems like it won't go away.   benj has had flu, pnumonia, strep a couple of times & cough galore.  gracie has had flu, strep & bronchitis.  momma has had kidney stones like no other.  so, that right there along with some other commitments explains the lack of posts the past month.  ugh.  

for my kidney stones, i tried an at home cure from the internet.  6 cokes in 2 hours & then a pureed can of asparagus (i don't normally like asparagus).   

doesn't it look yummy?  um, no. i was gagging my way through it all, only to still have the pain.  the urologist i see just wants to have surgery to remove them, but i don't want to go through that pain. so, i'm waiting for a referral to another doc.  pray that does the trick. 

the kiddos are getting better.  we have ben on a much stonger antibiotic to kick that strep's butt.  the doc says he needs those softballs we call his tonsils out.  the poor guy is so worried about spreading his germs or having to sit out during gym, no matter how much i try & assure him it's ok - everyone gets sick.  he's a worrywart like his momma (sorry, buddy.  we will get that free-spirit attitude back soon ok?)  miss gracie just now has a cough, so she's fine & starting to be her sweet self again.  my, oh my, what a trip she was when she was sick.  that's all i'm gonna say about that!!

even despite sickness, there's been lots of good times.  cuddling, cuddling, cuddling.

one morning, ben woke up to this to make him feel better. 

you yucky bugs, here's what my kiddos think of you!

we've had fun playing board games & wii, reading books, making meals together, dancing, playing freeze tag & hide & seek, hiding toys for others to find & painting & drawing pictures for friends. 

but, i must say, i am very much ready for healthy kiddos ready to play!!

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