Thursday, April 14, 2011

say cheese!

i realized not too long ago that i didn't have any "professional" pictures of the kids since gracie had so much hair.  so, off we went to penny's & i was pleasantly suprised at the results.  & here they are (of course i couldn't pick just 1 & we got a cd with the copyright):

 this one is mine & the kiddos favorite.  can you guess who had a blue lollipop on the way to pics?
 if only they were always like this...

 the photographer told ben she thought he should be in "gq" & he had no idea what that was.  when i explained it, he was freaked out thinking he would be in a magazine!

 miss gracie's hair was still wet in the pictures.  i can only imagine what my grandma barb would be had her picture taken with stringy hair!!  yes, but beautiful nontheless.

that's all folks!

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