Thursday, March 24, 2011

the start of spring break fun

momma has not been keeping up to date here due to just plain ole life & enjoying the moments (except, honestly for the illnesses). 

but, we had a wonderful start to the kiddos' spring break last friday.  our great friends, the marcums came into town on friday.  finally got to meet mr. vaughn.  oh what a cutie he is!  ben was thrilled to get to "hold" him.  benjo astounds me at the love & care he shows for little ones.  he is so caring & wants another baby around sooo bad.

well, we met them at the hotel & went to get a bite to eat.  after dinner, swimming!!

the kids had a blast & were tuckered out by night's end.  the next day was even more special with a boys day at our home & girls day at disney on ice (that we were about 5 minutes or so late to, due to the late night before).

gracie in her makeshift princess/ fairy child outfit before we left.

enjoying the show

 mommas & the girlies

 i'm lovin it!

enjoying the popcorn!

i think beth & i might have loved it all more, reliving our childhoods.  thanks, beth for inviting us for this awesome girl time & reminding us that dreams do come true & we can all live happily everafter if we just believe! :)

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