Sunday, March 6, 2011

basketball through ben's eyes

tonight was the first night we attended one of daddio's games..  i guess he was ready for us to see his skillz!

ben got a hold of the camera & took some shots. 

in this one, he thought he was taking a shot of daddio.  he wasn't.

1 goal.

the other goal.

daddio taking a break

the scoreboard.

another shot of the scoreboard.

daddio (i think in the blue..)

after that, benj was done playing camera man & ready to play with a new friend. one of mommy & daddio's old buddy's from college little girls.  they really hit it off & were planning playdates all by themselves!  oh my!

great job to daddio & the "blue team!"  i'm sure it was due to all of our cheering you guys pulled out another win!  so proud of you!!

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