Friday, November 19, 2010

remember those less fortunate...

today, i must admit i was feeling a bit super sorry for myself... a backed up sewer system in the basement, a van with no heat & lots of $$ to fix, kidney stones,  & so on & so on. 

but, we are blessed with so much.  a wonderful family & friends.  a god that loves us & forgives us.  a roof over our heads, food to eat & so much more. 

every time we see a salvation army bucket or the riley kids' money bank at walmart, the kiddos love to give.  let's follow in their footsteps!

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Heather Sorgius said...

awesome picture! trying to teach our little kids in an "all about me" world is hard but can be achieved.they need to understand and learn how to be empathetic with the less fortunate. you are an awesome mom!