Wednesday, November 10, 2010

whadya do? & a birthday wish

ben has decided he wants a werewolf / coyote birthday party (in december).  not my dream theme by any means.  i don't want his little friends to be scared!!  why not monster trucks or dinos or something like that, kid?  & this is announced after most of the halloween stuff is gone from stores.  so, now this momma will be racking her brain for a cake that is werewolfie/coyotish i guess.  i think i might be able to do something like this if it is to his liking.  oh the things we do for our kids. 

& miss grace today... i gave them both some "busy work" to do while i vacuumed. well... she decided to get her scissors & style some of her stuffed animals' hair as well as her own.  she know has hangs.  it's really not that bad, but when ben ran to tell me i was a bit scared.  in the morning her hair is like a rat's nest, so when i touched it i was terrified at the huge clump that came out.  scissors are now up higher & a lesson learned.   

& a happy happy birthday to my dear cousin janet.  you have always been my role model, from when i was little watching you cheer, your kindness & caring for others, to your loving ways with your child & family.  thank you for always letting me be a part of your life, even when i was an annoying little kid.  i love you. so much janet.  happy birthday!


Paula said...

I have a wolf rubber stamp that could be a coyote...if you get desperate. Maybe he will change his mind!

sara said...

thanks paula!! i've tried to talk him into a soccer theme, a kung fu theme & now he wants them all combined!!