Tuesday, November 16, 2010

school pictures & some cutting practice for grace

this year, our preschool pictures were once again quite a laugh.  i even called the lady that takes them to complain.  in both of my children's' group shots they look terrified.  last year, she photoshopped ben & brenna into the group & they looked like small people in the midst of giants.  when i called the photographer, she told me she uses a special formula to make sure the children are proportioned correctly & i wouldn't understand the formulas (hello, i went to school for engineering).  but anyways, she told me my children were just too timid & couldn't get a good picture out of them (they usually light up for a camera - ok maybe not ben who hide his face).  excuses, excuses..  a total waste of our $$.  oh well.  live & learn.

well, the other night as momma was writing letters to some special loved ones in the kitchen & daddio was doing the same in the living room the kiddos were on their own (not really).  justin had thought grace was with me doing crafts & i thought he was watching her with ben in the living room.   here's her finished product put back together.

not the case.  she was practicing using her scissors (i know, bad bad momma & daddio).... & got a hold of her school picture.  the group shot was terrible anyways, so i don't mind much.  i have learned to now never order school pictures (at least from this lady).  

look how scared grace looks in her photo( & she's not the only child in the picture like that) !! ben appears to have been smokin something in his, but i'm not gonna show that one. 

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