Wednesday, May 12, 2010

mother's day at papaw's

papaw got to come home for a bit on sunday.  we all had some lunch that damaw made & enjoyed the sunshine day outside. 

the day was full of emotions for all of us.  pap got teared up during the prayer at lunch, broke my heart.  i hate seeing him this way. 

justin, the best grandson in law, got on the tractor & bush-hogged the fields.  i could see pap's blood pressure rising as he watched.  he was very worried justin would get hurt, even though he's a big boy.  i guess the tractor has a few little quirks to it & it's hard to watch someone else do a job you've been doing your way for 50+ years.

the kiddos had fun playing chase outside.  i just love this picture of grace & daddio.

next week, papaw gets to come home & i am scared.  i am scared my kiddos will not like staying there.  i am scared that i can't handle the care for pap (even though he requires very minimal care right now - the therapists said their goal is to have him walking all by himself with no assistance by tuesday!) & still provide the care my kiddos need.  thank god for my justin & kids.  he assures me everything will be ok every day & we will be able to help pap get back on his own & to look at all the positives this will bring (some country living, lots of play outside, taking care of a big garden, showing the kids how important it is to care for loved ones).  i've been trying to hide my fears & tears from my kids, but sometimes they just come out.  ben & grace will stop whatever they are doing & run to hug me & tell me "i wuv you, don't cry" & "it's ok momma."  my family is the best.   with our family, friends & god i do know we will all make it through this.


Paula said...

Good luck, God will help you through it!

The Jarrett Family said...

You are amazing and YES you are making all the right choices! You will no doubt be surrounded by so many people that love you and will keep you uplifted during this transition. Keep your chin up and know that you (and Kern)are in our thoughts!!

Anonymous said...

Sara~ we love you and you are not just a witness to God's love for your children, but also to me. You have been gifted with compassion and gentleness, and I need to get some of that in me!
I will have to come with Kern J. and Iz to get Ben and Gracie and maybe take them out for ice cream. Will talk with you this weekend. You are awesome, and I love you!
Sara L