Sunday, May 2, 2010

slumber party!

last night, we had a very special guest come stay with us.  she was planning to just join us for one of justin's fantabulous meals, but couldn't say no to the sweet little kiddos (& me) begging her to stay and play. 
so, we had a dan zane's dance party in ben's room, disco ball & all!  almost like our nights in the club when we were much younger. 

bed time was much fun, all snuggled together in our tie-dyed shirts.  ben & gracie had tons & tons of books for aunt kristen to read.

i really need to work on self photos - i used to be so good at that in college!

gracie & i moved to the other bed with daddio after she was accidently pushed out in the middle of the night (sorry, sweetie).  & miss kris was awakened in the middle of the night to a hand grabbing her chest saying "momma, i can't sleep."  i'm sure that was quite a freak out for you, my dear!  good job getting him back to sleep.

kristen, we all had such a good time with you here yesterday evening.   it has been so good to have you here going through this stuff with pap too.   i enjoyed revisiting old memories & talking about the beautiful messes that are our lives.  i love you like my sister forever.  come play & stay with us more!

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