Wednesday, May 12, 2010

tball game #2

t-ball game #2 finally came after many rain cancellations.  ben was super excited to have namaw & poppy in the stands cheering for him.

i wish i had videoed him, as it looked like he was practicing his dance moves more than fielding out there.

poppin a squat.

catching that ball or playing in the dirt?

a quick wave to his #1 fan (me).

gracie giving some hitting advice to her bro.  at least she was behind the fence.  i spent most of the game trying to keep her off the field.  little stinker.

after the game, sis wouldn't let go of him.  she sure loves her big brother.

he's loving ball & i am loving watching him!  his coach is awesome & his helper coach (daddio) is the bestest!

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