Saturday, May 1, 2010

little baby birdie egg

a few sundays ago, the kiddos discovered a little bitty egg  that had fallen out of a tree.  we couldn't even see the nest, the tree was so big.  the kiddos decided they could hatch this egg.   for a while, they both contemplated on the best way to care for the delicate being growing inside.   

but grace soon decided she was the momma, took charge & knew what was best. 

she was the only one who knew how to care for it.  she carried that egg all around, took it for a swing, pet it & loved it. 

papaw asked to see it.  nooo way!  (here she is running away from him after the request)

mr. ben gave up his birdie rights to enjoy some good old playing at pap's.

i'm sorry to say that little birdie egg, though greatly loved, didn't make it in the hands of gracie. 

i was suprised at how well she took it.  yes, there was some crying (we are a bit of a drama machine right now, so i would have been worried had there not been). my well meaning 2 year old animal lover learned how delicate little baby birdie eggs can be & how careful we need to be with all god's creatures (except worms, she still tears those apart when caring for them..). 

oh, caring for a little one (even a little birdie egg) can wear a person out!

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Aimee said...

Love the new layout, Sara, especially the peace quote. You'd be surprised how often I repeat that sentence to myself. Praying for your Grandpa's recovery.