Thursday, March 18, 2010

yea for spring!

today felt like a lovely spring & we took advantage of it (once we finally got out of bed)!  unfortunately, the house work i was planning on doing this week while daddio is gone is not getting done so much.  we'll have a rainy day soon for that. 

played at the playground with friends after preschool.  always lots o fun.

played at home & went for a walk in search of mr. friendly kitty.  he was no where to be found today. 

but what a wonderful day! 

so many neat things to look at!

i asked ben to smile for a picture for daddio.

here it is.  he loves ya!

miss grace was hugging on ben & of course, i had to ask them to do it again so i could get a picture.  i annoy them so! 

looking forward to another fun filled day with the kiddos! missing you justin!

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