Sunday, March 7, 2010

swinging & a sliding & a new hair do

namaw & poppy came up today to visit & celebrate daddio's birthday.  they brought some coconuts for us to crack open from auntie jen's.  the coconuts weren't quite ripe, or were overly ripe but we had fun whacking them open. 

check out this big one!

gracie would swing outside all day if we'd let her. she was swinging so high she'd say "i'm upside down! i'm upside down!"
poppy trying to get her!

swinging on her belly

big ben getting some help from namaw on the slide.  trying to slide into his shoes or sumthin.

when namaw & poppy come & visit, i don't cook.  they seem to always bring the food with them.  it's not that i'm that lazy, she's just that good of a cook.  i'm pretty lucky!  i've got it pretty easy.  thank you for doing that. 

birthday cake time! happy birthday to you daddio again!  we love ya!

namaw crocheted  miss gracie some super sweet headbands to keep that mop out of her eyes.


& after. this is the best shot i could get of my hippy child wearing it. what a face!

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*Angie* said...

Your kids are the most beautiful hippies i've ever seen. Love their style.