Sunday, March 21, 2010

hey batter, batter!

daddy & ben hit the field for the first time this weekend.  it was so sweet watching them, almost brought tears to my eyes. 

base hit! 

running the bases.    a bit of direction was needed the first time (he headed for third after his hit).  after that though, he had it down. 

check out that fielding!  a future philly in action!

ben got to meet his coach & a teammate, who were there after a big brother's practice.  the boys (big & little) had a good time practicing.  when the other guys left, ben yelled,"bye coach!" 

benj is lovin ball already & his first "real" practice isn't until after easter.  

little sis is ready to play too!  (not really, she did not like t ball one bit on saturday.)

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