Sunday, March 21, 2010

momma jaguar keep away!

after preschool thursday, we headed to the zoo. i had promised we'd do it sometime in the week while daddio was away & time was running out. 

 the kiddos were a bit worn out towards the end, dragging a bit.  "this was the worst idea ever!" they said.  oh, the drama! 

we hit amazonia last & got to see the baby jaguar cubs. 

momma jaguar was quite interested in miss gracie.
  staring. & pacing. 

i think maybe it was her dress.  check out that jaguar looking at her!

grace thought it was all pretty cool! 

a bit too scary for this momma though.  i'm glad there was some thick glass between us.  it freaked annabelle, melissa & me out a bit. 

mr. ben checking out the wildlife through the binoculars in amazonia. 

at the end, we had some dippin dots ice cream & everyone was recharged & happy again. 

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