Monday, July 6, 2009

fourth of july fun

fourth of july was full of family fun at uncle rocky and aunt jane's! ben & gracie had a blast running around playing with their cousins and friends.

i spent most of the day at the hospital with papaw. he had been in there for an infection where he had surgery. very yucky. a couple of rounds of antibiotics did the trick & he was ready to go home. i don't know the nurse he had the last day, but you were awesome, thank you!! once i got him back home to aunt peggy, i joined the crew at rocky & jane's.

the kids were having fun playing in the sandbox.
all the older folks recognized gracie's dress as a pillowcase they once owned. kinda funny.

beevis, i mean ben, didn't like his hair getting wet too much.

the grandpas were taking it easy, enjoying the festivities in the rocking chairs.

the fireworks were a bit too loud for beano.

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rachel b. said...

I really love your pillow case dresses for Gracie, they're adorable!!