Friday, July 24, 2009

family pictures by the sea

i think i'm about done with pictures from vacation.... here are the "fancy" ones we took together.
the crew heading down for pictures.
gracie girl in her pillowcase dress i made her. her & darby have matching dresses from their great great great aunt delia's pillowcase collection.

mr. ben. i can hardly get a picture of him anymore. he just won't let me.

our family picture

the kiddos playing around.

beano loves to be by darby's side. miss gracie would do anything we'd say for the camera. she's so good.


missdreampainter said...

so, so, so beautiful, love the one of the four of you, beaches are just perfect for photos

Beth, Brandon and Embry said...

the photos turned out great!

Megan Perrer said...

The pictures are so beautiful! You have such a lovely family.

Rabacal said...


Angie said... should be a photographer.
Pictures are awesome