Wednesday, July 22, 2009

beach bums

here's some of the crew when we first arrived at the beach. miss gracie was not too sure of what to think at first. ben, in the yellow, jumped right in.
she decided it was pretty cool.

gracie & her goggles. her goggles... she carried these around with her almost everywhere. on her birthday night, she had to sleep with them along with some taffy & a necklace. i woke up to a sticky mess. what did she do? bit it off, of course.

the kiddos getting ready to tackle some waves.

burying miss darbs in the sand.

the next day was spent playing in the big sand hole.
me & my sugar bear.
daddio caught this big fish out in the ocean. we named it ben.

there was a bit of algae that most of us didn't want to brave in the ocean a few days, so we just went to the pool.
beano the duck & his sister.

walking home after a long day of swimming.

i have a few more things from vacation i want to post, but with daddio still being home, i can't get anything done! :)

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Anonymous said...

Can you post Gracie's photos on Shutterfly or snapfish? I want to order some--I love them. :) Thanks for posting. Call me when you have time to chat, looking forward to hearing about your trip.
Love ya!