Monday, July 6, 2009

gracie's 2nd birthday round 1

we celebrated miss gracie's 2nd birthday party this past weekend at namaw & poppy's (& my 31st yikes!) with the folks on daddio's side of the family. we had lots of mexican food to eat (chicken enchiladas, my favorite). everything was delicious, as it always was everytime namaw makes a meal.

she got the cutest hat! i can't wait for her to wear it on the beach next week!

she looks so eggsited, as ben would say! look at that cookie!
make a wish! (she was looking back to make sure her daddy saw the cake)

and blow!!


thank you everyone for making the day so much fun!


missdreampainter said...

happy 2nd b-day gracie!!!

Anonymous said...

Her hat looks adorable.

Monica said...

It was a good day. And those enchilada's were the bomb. I wish I had brought home left overs :(

Angie said...

Hey, where are you?
I miss you and your family and I hope to hear from you soon.
Your daughter looks so very happy! I hope she had a great birthday.

The Jarrett Family said...

Just checking in...hope everything is okay. Happy belated birthday to you and Gracie!!