Sunday, June 19, 2011

mr. sweetie heart

my little beach bunny fell in love with a dead jelly fish on vacation.  she named him mr. sweetieheart. i learned something new there too.  these jellyfish on the beach didn't have tentacles, so they didn't sting (as least that's what the beach guy said)

see the heart she has drawn around him

we brought him back to the beachhouse for 1 day, until the smell was just a bit too fishy for mommy to take even outside.  then her & daddio had a burial for her pet jellyfish. 

onto my little mr. sweetieheart.... he found a gurlfriend first day out on the beach & an older one at that!  8 years old!   she gave him a couple of hugs & would always say hi to him when we were at the ocean. (i'm not supposed to talk about it though, of course!) she gave me a little shell with a hole in it to make a necklace.  what a sweetieheart!

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