Saturday, June 18, 2011

these are a few of his favorite things...

from vacation:

root beer.  they only get sodas on special occasions, so it is a real treat!!

monopoly.  really it is, despite that look there.  it was early in the morn & he was ready to play.
namaw was a major trooper & played a looong game with him!  she is the epitome of paitience.
riding the waves!!
taking random pictures on momma's camera...

playing- or tormenting big cousins & other family members!
flying a kite (& trying to get us with it!! - that's daddio behind that froggie kite)

his daddio & sissy (& momma of course)
hanging with his namaw & poppy & rest of the fam

that boy is a hard one to serious picture of!

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