Sunday, February 20, 2011

the zoo

a friend from gracie's class called (his mommy) friday afternoon & asked if we had any plans & would like to enjoy the zoo...we were still in our pj's (lazy momma here).  so off we went to enjoy the beautiful day!

the kiddos had a blast & got to do some extra super special things - like petting some special animals & feeding the rhino & watching the world's oldest hippo, donna, have a bite to eat. 

i just love the amozonia portion of the zoo, so awesome!  the kiddos love it too, with the animals all about.

checking out some creepy, crawlies..

good buddies!

feeding the rhino!

open wide!!

& of course, the obligatory pictures at the bat station & the giraffe statue. 

ben has a bit of allergies & is constantly clearing his throat, making a hacking noise.  buddy logan thought that was quite hilarious & decided to join in.  they were laughing so hard over it, had me snorting.  good times. thanks so much for inviting us to go to the zoo & the great time logan & samantha & dave!!

on the way home, i asked the kiddos what their favorite part was. 
gracie: "everything!"
ben: "when we were making that throat noise & cracking up." boys...

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