Saturday, February 19, 2011

it's a beautiful day!!!

got that u2 song in your head now?? i sure do.

spring started to poke it's head here this week & we took full advantage of it.  (ok, the first day ben wanted to bring his nintendo outside to play with him...) 
taking in the day.  (we were working on daddio's birthday present outside...)

gracie tied up zak real good so he wouldn't run away. poor dog.  it took me forever to untangle that knot!

a walk down the street is always fun.

first big brother wanted to pull lil sis in the wagon.  he was extra cautious to make sure it didn't go too fast. 

then, sis wanted to give him a ride.

of course, we had to race..

ben gave his sister a helping hand.

they started to get "tired out" so momma pulled them all back.

good day of play!!

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