Wednesday, February 9, 2011

first trip to the beauty shop

miss gracie had her first haircut today (not including the one she had given herself). 


during.  she held on tight to that chair & didn't move an inch the entire time.

after.  viola!  still a beauty, but hopefully with a little bit more manageable hair...

we ate at grandy's before preschool, as we didn't have quite enough time to make it back home for a bite to eat.  was full of funny knock knock jokes, mainly the interrupting cow & duck ones.  i think they made many senior citizens' days in there (it was double discount day for seniors).   ben did not have a haircut today, but woke up with it extra flippy for some reason...

happy wednesday!  only a few more days until ben has his video game privileges reinstated (even after looking at the calender & counting with me, he knows it has been 7 days since he got in trouble.  i am "tricking him" he says.)

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Mike and Krista Williams said...

Ms. Gracie is absolutely beautiful -- just like her mama! Love you and miss you (and THANK YOU for praying for us!).