Tuesday, December 31, 2013

to do's in 2014..

oh, new year resolutions, why can i only keep you for a bit (if i even start)???

some things i just can't quit (my diet cokes and dr. peppers when i really want a treat)...but i do want to become a better me in 2014 & love making lists, so here goes my to do's for 2014:

1.  put God first. always.
2.  make sure my kiddos and hubby and family know how much i love them every day by my actions and words.
3.  listen to my kiddos better.  they have a lot to say and if it's important to them, it should be to me.
4.  love more.
5.  forgive. truly forgive those that have caused hurt.
6.  forgive myself.
7.  take the time to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning... not just my diet coke.
8.  $$$$- save it - i don't have to buy it just because it's a bargain.  i repeat, i don't have to buy it just because it's a bargain.  (i might need to tattoo this on my hand!)
9.  get back to reading "little visits with god" every night with the kiddos.  love this book and sharing it with the kiddos.
10.  go to bed at a decent hour most nights (i am typing this at 2:12 in the morning).
11.  exercise.. at least a little bit - yes, gracie girl may like momma's soft belly to cuddle on, but this gal's gotta get in shape.  let's say 1/2 hour a day at least starting out...
12.  say "yes" more to my family with my time.
13.  visit loved ones more often
14.  de-clutter and purge- donate 14 items a week to a new home
15.  make it to life group!
16.  create more memories with my family.
17.  read more.
18.  less tv/computer time...
19.  play more.
20.  cook more homemade meals than not each week (may have to get some new batteries for that smoke alarm)
21.  deep clean one room a week
22.  sew.  and help gracie girl on her sewing skills.  how i cherish the memories of learning to sew with mamaw and deedee.
23.  call pap at least once a week.  and visit with the kiddos.

24.  blog.  at least the kiddos will have this since their baby books haven't been touched in a few years..
25.  work out my brain..on things more challenging than 2nd grade homework.
26.  learn to play guitar with my kiddos (daddio is a great teacher:) )
27.  volunteer more.  continue helping out in g's class, the backpack program & find other opportunities to make a difference.
28.  have a date time once a month!
29.  have some friend time once a month!
30.  organize our craft supplies.
31.  organize the bathroom.
32.  organize the basement - the bottomless pit.
33.  don't take things too seriously or personally.
34.  do a good deed for another every day.
35.  start new traditions with our family...what they are, i don't know yet.
36.  clean out the swagger wagon & keep the mess down to 1 bag (this will be a hard one!)
37.  eat lunch at school with the kiddos at least once a month.
38.  create a chore chart for our family and stick to it!
39.  write letters to friends or family.  let them know i am thinking of them.
40.  lose weight.  the pounds have really packed on lately, thanks to the yummy holiday food and some medication.  size 6, how i miss you but will see you again before 2015.
41.  enroll the kiddos in an activity they both want to explore.
42.  let it go & give it to God.
43.  make homemade gifts for special occasions.
44.  greet my love at the door with a kiss and hug each evening.
45.  recycle more.  we pay to do it - but sometimes still put recyclables in the trash.
46.  create with the kiddos.  they are so creative & there's nothing better than their art in my eyes!
47.  clean off the kitchen counter of clutter every night.
48.  put the laundry away after i fold it.
49.  clean out the kiddos' closets
50.  remember to thank God in all circumstances..even those that don't make sense to me.  He has a bigger plan.
51.  ask namaw to teach me to knit. and learn.
52.  continue to pray as a family.
53.  worship as a family.
54.  clean myself up once in a while..oh, how i love my sweats & tees, but a little makeup and jeans wouldn't hurt me :)
55.  make sure daddio keeps his doc appointments.
56.  let my light shine!
57.  wear sunscreen
58.  spend more time outside.
59.  make a meal plan for each week.. freezer meals, crock pot?? can i do it? yes, i can!
60.  be more patient with my kiddos..
61.  provide more opportunities for our kiddos to grow spiritually, mentally and socially.
62.  remind myself "what would deedee do?"  & remember the great example she always was in my life.
63.  keep the flowers nice at mamaw's grave.
64. dance more.
65.  don't give up.

some details i still need to work on, but a pretty good start for my to-do's in 2014, if i do say so myself :).

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Melissa said...

Sounds like a great list...lets help each other this year meet some goals! Love you!