Tuesday, October 4, 2011

she's back in pink!

well, miss gracie decided to give it another go at soccer thanks to big brother's pep talks.  & love it she did.  it helped that she had some of her favorite people, dave & kate (& baby in the belly), in the crowd cheering her on.  one of her favorite places was still on the bench, socializing & cheering "let's go shockers, let's go!" though.

but guess what - little miss came back in pink with a vengeance!  a goal!!!  woohoo!
ok, she might have been at the right place at the right time thanks to coach susan, but it was a goal!
all in a day's work for miss grace. (at least she looks that way after her goal)

& she ran & played & most of all had fun

 & not away from the ball, but with the crowd!

keep up the good work & fun, my little shocker!

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