Sunday, October 9, 2011

where is thumbkin?

miss gracie had her speech evaluation with the school this week & passed their testing no problem.  so, no speech with evsc at this time.  but momma is working with her the best i can & will look into other options.  i am very thankful that she herself is not concerned about the fact that some can't understand her.  but i want her to be able to sing one of her favorite songs "where is thumbkin?" without sounding like she's saying the f-bomb.  i'm sure the music teacher at her preschool church blushes when she hears that being belted out!   & those tricky k sounds (that sound like a t - kitty with a t is said quite often) & gr sounds (her name is not tracy, folks).  momma & daddio both had to take speech when we were little & she's kinda destined for it i guess.  not a biggie.  she'll get those words. she's one smart cookie & doesn't give up.

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