Monday, September 19, 2011

holiday world picnic

daddio's work picnic was sunday at holiday world.  the kiddos woke up on their own ready to go!  daddio was a bit tiredo, but still managed to get up & go.

first stop of course, at the santa statue. 

we rode the old-time cars for the first time with the kiddos.  gracie was a bit worried about driving off the road, just like i remember as a child.  i told her though, about the track to guide the car - something nobody ever told me! you are welcome, my dear.
  oh, how i wanted so to bump them.  but didn't.

holidog's funtown was where we spent the most time.  playing in the rocks or on the playground

  i love that crooked little smile of hers.

& that smirk.

benj was havin fun, but avoided the camera as much as possible.

water is always fun, fun, fun!
  he was trying to talk momma into going over by him since he had the water sprinkler covered up - buddy i'm too smart for that..

gracie rode the train with me. ben didn't, guess he's getting too old.  she thought it was super awesome to see all the characters from her favorite nursery ryhmes. 

by the end, we were all holiday'd out.  note her prize ducky (small prize from the win everytime duck game) on the ground.

except for ben, because he won a medium prize! 

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