Thursday, August 12, 2010

our grumble box

2 weeks ago, our pastor gave a sermon on Phillipians 2:14:   Do all things without complaining. 

so, our goal for that week was for a complaint free week.  the kiddos didn't get the message..  monday was whine, whine, whine.  about everything & anything.  it was wearing me down. 

that night, when we went to read from our Little Visits With God book (damaw & siblings' old book),

the story we turned to was the grumble box.  amazing how things work out that way.  i'm sure you can guess the story.  a family of complainers... the mom (i like that) suggests they ought not grrumble all the time.  God says "Do all things without mummering."  she talked about how God wanted them to be cheerful people & to do what is right & good.  she suggested they make a box with a slot in the top & whoever grumbled had to put a penny in the box at that time. 
perfect story for us.  the kiddos couldn't wait to make a box. 

we finally did. 
& here it is. 

(the bottom of it has happy people & a happy dinosaur  drawn by the kiddos)

the kiddos got into their piggy banks right away to make up for lost time.  i need to put quite a few pennies in it this week, i'm afraid too.   but, we've got it out & are working on it!

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The Jarrett Family said...

what an awesome idea! love it and i'm glad it's proving to be effective!