Saturday, August 28, 2010

back to school


back ro school
back to school
to prove to dad that i'm not a fool
i've got my lunch packed up
my boots tied tight
i hope i don't get in a fight,
back to school" (from good old adam sandler, one of my favorite comedians when i was in school)

ben & gracie (& their friend alaina) are all "ruling the school" (good old quote from another one of my high school favorite movies, grease) at old north!  they've had their first week & i think are enjoying it.  unfortunately, ben & alaina didn't get in the same class, so we were all a bit bummed on that one (especially after requesting it, but we'll survive).

this momma forgot her camera, but thank goodness momma melissa didn't.  look at annabelle(alaina's little sis).  isn't she the cutest stinkin thing?
thanks, melissa for sharing your pictures!

ok, gotta do a little bragging on my kiddos.

thursday in class, ben & classmates were making necklaces.  someone spilled all the beads. the teacher told me benj was the only one to pick them up.  & of course he heard her tell me & he said "yeah, nobody helped & i didn't even knock them over!"  we've been working on trying to just worry about following the rules ourselves & not so concerned about what other kids are/aren't doing.  daddio did show him some fight back moves though because apparently some kid was trying to do kung fu moves on my little guy & he felt bad fighting back. 

in gracie's class, a child threw up thursday.  he was very upset & crying (obviously) the teacher told me & grace went over to him & tried to console him.  she said "that's ok, accidents happen." my sweet pea.

well, we made it through the first week.  but not without illness.  gracie has strep & must do breathing treatments every 4 hours for her wheezing.  & of course bub's right behind.  the joys of little ones & germs!

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