Tuesday, August 10, 2010

kate the great & mr. cool caleb's birthday parties

we headed back up to henryville over the weekend to help out aunt jane & uncle rocky with their big boy treehouse (i think it's a "deerstand", but it's huge & looks more like a fun treehouse to me...)
namaw, the kiddos & i get there  & check out the sisters in their shirts.  too cute!

& for a weekend full of fun kiddo birthday parties.  much different than the parties daddio used to have with his college buddies i'm sure, but no less fun. 

first, kate the great's first birthday party!!

& do they ever know how to throw a party.  ever since i've known daddio, luke's parties were something of a legend.  when we were dating at the parties around the campfire, carrie & i would always start yelling for watchtower shortly after the guys broke out the guitars (that was the grand finale that would drag on & on & on & on).  they ignored us of course.
but, no guitars out today.  today was for miss kate turning one.  lots of inflatable fun at the house.  a huge inflatable water slide. 

awesome!  my kiddos said about a bazillion times.

water guns.  watch out for aj, he's got good aim! & a great tan.  jealous here.

miss gracie loved the cake (of course) & so did i.  i told her to ask luke if we could take some home, but she didn't.  thanks a lot grace.

of course, the boys were up to there celebrating.
& yes, i had to bleep out a finger in this picture.  thanks luke.

miss gracie going down the big inflatable slide.   the kiddos loved this thing!!
she made it to the top!
sweet little kate.
mommy making it all better after an accidental jab in the head on the slide from ben.  sorry a.j.  i'm glad you are a tough fella!
ben & gracie & some of their new forever friends.  miss olivia now has a place in ben's heart with brenna. can you blame him?  what a beauty! 
mike v & his lovely family! 
some yummy corn on the cob!  i'm suprised gracie didn't take some home in her pockets!

next, we headed to bill & deb's.  we were worried we would be late, but they were all still up celebrating & partying like parental rock stars!
there's the big 5 year old caleb & my sleepy man. 
silly boys.

the kiddos inside hanging out & watching spongebob, having the thimes of their lives!

caleb & sarah striking a pose.  she was awesome with the kids.  move closer & come help me out!!

sweet chloe & mom
my sweetie & me.  (can you tell the gals were ready for bed?)

we got to hang out on the new deck & hear some great guitar playing & singing.  good times.  lovin it.
lovely lovebirds.  i just love watching them, they are so sweet together!!  ahh, newlyweds!
me & my sugar bear at the end of the night. 

it was such a fun weekend to see friends that we haven't seen in a looooong time & hang out, play guitar, & sing off tune. 

thank you rocky & jane, namaw & poppy, luke & carrie, and bill & deb for such a fun weekend!  it's gonna take me & the kiddos a while to recover from all that fun!  love you all!

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Deb said...

It was soooo good to see you guys!! Thanks for coming over! We will have to do it again very soon!