Monday, March 17, 2014

lori & janet

i may be an only child, but have been blessed with family members that i love just as if they were my sisters and know they feel the same.  always there for advice, a shoulder to cry on, love and just to listen.  some of my favorite memories have been with these gals; be it watching iu win the ncaa way back when steve alford was the coolest dude alive, watching their kiddos grow, having our shopping trips & laughing at the outfits on one another.  unlike most sisters, there have only been a handful of disagreements in life- watching a soap opera over sesame street (sorry janet), gentle persuasions on better way to handle situations, etc.  i love them so. and my kiddos do too, calling them their aunts. (to those not familiar with our family dynamics, it can be a bit confusing).

the last year has been hard & we've dealt with it together & on our own.  talking on the phone or face to face always, always makes me feel better, though tears are usually shed.

i am so proud of both of them.  lori & her mom inspired me to go into a male dominated field, mechanical engineering.  it was a job that was challenging but i really loved.  as long as i can remember, i wanted to do & be whatever janet was.  a cheerleader/ a drum major / you name it.

when their mom passed away, janet was working on creating some common core math books for each grade.  as a family, we all got to help edit the books & help meet deadlines.   it was a added stress for janet, but looking back, it was a great way to focus my grief into something good by helping edit the books.  thank you, jl, for having the confidence in me to help out.

i was so excited to see these on fb today & can't wait to read all the positive reviews.  i truly think these will help parents, teachers, and students better understand the goals of common core in math & how to reach the solutions.

the amazon link to order these books & other awesome books by janet is here: janet's books.  another favorite of our home

we loved it since it was just computer sheets of paper.  a fun, learning math book for boys and girls!

now, i just need to enroll for a semester in school & study abroad so i can enjoy harlaxton with you!! :)

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