Sunday, December 29, 2013

holiday season 2013

as always, the holidays seemed to sneak up on me... i really struggled to get into that holiday spirit missing loved ones that are no longer with us & changes that have happened to relationships over the past few years.  but, we forged on & the kiddos had a fun thanksgiving, great 8th birthday for benj (playing laser tag with some buddies), lots of playtime in the snow & a very merry CHRISTmas.  for me, this momma had to change her attitude to that of gratitude and realize how truly blessed we are and have been to have had such special people in our lives that i miss so much.

over thanksgiving weekend, daddio got a new to him ride, a sequoia, that is pretty sharp & has the kiddos' approvals.

 since this momma wasn't feeling well, i stayed home for thanksgiving. i had the tree set up & ready to decorate as soon as my sweeties got home.
my little guy is now eight years old..he is such a special soul (not just this momma's opinion).  he cares for others, smart as can be, and quite a funny little dude.  it seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home & i was praying each day we could make it until daddio got home.  somehow, we have all survived. :)

the beginning of december brought lots of snow.  for once, thankfully, our power didn't go out.

 playing at home in the snow..

 snow angel in action
we used this picture for our Christmas cards (that i still don't have out...)

and we went sledding, not one day, but two down hills by the kiddos' school.  the second day of sledding was basically going down a sheet of ice!

 no need for a sled!
 i love that smile!!

 gracie hit the sticks a time or two, but it didn't stop her!

once they were back in school, preschool for momma got really busy.  i love those little jumpstarters & am so happy i get to be a part of their learning and discovery.

momma's stocking had to be refashioned for itsy, our guinea pig. gracie did a fine job on it!

 Christmas time was loads of fun.  good food, fun time with families and friends. 
 a guitar!!
  beano's favorite gift was his wii u 
  gracie gal's was her princess bears.  she loves her stuffed animals.  

the kiddos' had a sleepover that they had been planning since this summer.  the little sisters traded homes for the night & played with benj & alaina.  they all had a blast & are still recovering today!

it's hard to believe 2014 is right around the corner.. looking forward to the new year, new experiences and making more memories with my family and friends.  happy holidays to all our family and friends!  xoxox- sara


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