Sunday, October 6, 2013

no more tundra struck...

oh me, oh my.. what a weekend..  we were heading to a funeral of an amazing relative of daddio's in lexington saturday but never made it.   driving on the pouring rain,  the truck started to hydroplane & jesus did take the wheel.  as we went round and round and up and down, we hit a small pine tree but missed a large tree head on.  i had been working on some class work for gracie's class, cutting out papers & noticed we were starting to swerve.  daddio said "woah, hold on" & the kiddos started screaming.  momma bear turned around to talk to them and have my hands on them - though gracie said she couldn't hear a thing over her screaming.  she said she wouldn't stop looking at me so if we died, she would be watching me.  broke my heart.  eventually, we stopped and the engine was a smoking.  a nice man came down to us & said to hurry out  & his wife called 911.  of course, we didn't have our shoes on, so benj had one croc and one of his little sis's soccer cleats on.  & i had heels.  so much fun in the pouring rain!   of course, in these pictures, it's a bright sunshiny day!

pulling up the truck after the ride..benj's door didn't open & daddio no longer had a window.

but, we were so blessed to be able to run away from the truck with just a few scratches!  so, so thankful.  i hope i am able to thank those that helped us, they helped calm down the kiddos and a momma here.

we've had lots of fun in that black truck..
when we were married, oh the things they wrote on it... brandon m.  & "my weiner loves seattle"  it was supposed to say cialas.  we left if parked at a friends home the week of or honeymoon & the poor wife's name was sara, too.  i bet a few neighbors were giving them looks!

one year, the kiddos washed it for father's day.  the sponge came off of the handle & one of them made a large scratch down the side of it.

 the kiddos always loved decorating it up in the back for daddy to take to work.  i bet he had the prettiest chalk drawings of anybody in the back.

of course, in a truck there had to be mudding.  daddio actually did this all on a ride by himself, though i think i would have liked it.

the kiddos always loved leaving notes for daddio in there for his work day..

and, the back of the truck has always been a favorite hangout spot for us to talk about the day when daddio would get home.

the kiddos are up and down with how they are feeling.  one moment, their thinking of the new ride holiday world could have.. the next- anxiety of someone "falling off the road again."  we keep reminding them things happen, but God kept us safe, we are in his hands & it will be ok.  it will be ok.

it would really be ok in ben's mind if we were to get this...

 i think only one was made.. so i don't think this will be a happening. :)

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