Friday, July 6, 2012

big splash!!

well, this year daddio is workin over shutdown & a vacation didn't look like it would happen.  but, low & behold, groupon had a great deal close to home that we were able to grab for a weekend trip with some of our bestest friends.  (i think gracie sometimes would really like to become a part of their family, we all love them so much)..

to big splash adventure we went after church on sunday.  it was the perfect time, as the place was clearing out so we had the waterpark to what seemed like just ourselves.

lots of fun splishing & a splashin

oh, the ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah!

the kiddos loved it!  especially getting to go on a vacation with friends!!going out to eat was even fun! but of course, benj didn't want to smile...
we see it in your eyes, buddy.

we had a round of mini-golf & some rides on video games (without any coins, but they didn't mind).
 i love this picture with the little sisters in control!!

& fun in the game area.  tickets a plenty, tickets galore!

all the kids can't wait to go back, it was one of the "best times ever!!"

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